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Is Futon Factory affiliated with Epoch Design?
Epoch Design is the parent company of Futon Factory; it’s been owned and operated by Epoch Design since 1997. You can purchase any of Epoch Design’s products at Futon Factory directly.

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Futon Frames

Why should I buy a futon frame from Futon Factory?
Our futon frames are made from solid hardwood birch. These heirloom quality frames are durable, easy to assemble and easy to operate. They are beautifully constructed and will last for many years.

Why don’t you carry metal or unfinished pine futon frames?
In twenty years of business, it has been our experience that metal or unfinished pine futon frames are less reliable and break far more often than hardwood futon frames. Hardwood futon frames do cost more, but because of the materials used and the quality of the craftsmanship, solid wood frames last longer and have less defects over time.

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Futon Mattresses

Do you offer custom futon mattress?
We can special order any size mattress you request with any combination of material we carry. Please allow 3-5 weeks for your custom mattress to arrive. Custom special order mattresses are non-refundable after 24 hours of purchase. Special order mattresses are fully warrantied against manufacturer’s defects.

How long should my new futon mattress last?
We get this question a lot. In most cases, with normal everyday use a futon mattress should last about 5 years. We carry some luxury models that will last for 8-10 years. Using a mattress protector and rotating and flipping the mattress every 6 months increases the longevity of your mattress.

How should I set up my new futon mattress on the futon frame?
New futon mattresses can be adjusted accordingly to your preferences. When placing the mattress on the frame, determine if you’d like a higher back for neck support or a more extended seat cushion. Place the mattress on the frame with the desired seating position in mind, fold the mattress length wise and hold it in place for a minute or two. After repeating this process a few times, the mattress will stay in that position.

How can I prevent the mattress from slipping off the frame?
We always recommend buying a “Slip-Mat” when purchasing a new futon. A Slip-Mat is a polymer-based material with an embossed pattern on the upper surface. This provides a friction-based grip on the mattress which prevents the mattress from slipping on the frame.

How can I prevent moisture from getting into the mattress?
Futons should be considered no different than a normal everyday mattress. A mattress protector is highly encouraged to prevent moisture, bed bugs, and allergens from getting into the futon mattress. Mattress protectors extend the life of the futon mattress and do not affect the comfort.

Will my mattress get firmer over time?
Most of our futon mattresses have a cotton batting encasing the foam core that makes up the majority of the futon materials. Cotton compresses over time which provides a firmer feel.

Should I rotate my futon mattress?
For customers who use their futon mattress as an everyday couch and bed, we recommend flipping and rotating the mattress every six months.

Do you use flame retardants in your mattresses?
Our handcrafted futon mattresses by Natural Felt are made with a wool wrap and therefore require no further treatment as wool is a natural fire retardant. Mattresses without the addition of a wool wrap will contain Boric powder, a naturally occurring and safe substance, as a flame retardant. The Boric powder is sprinkled minimally into the cotton during production; no fire retardants exist in our Certi-Pur foam, natural or organic latex or wool. Boric acid is not a known carcinogen by the EPA, the state of California or the IARC. While Boric acid is undetectable to most people, some people may prefer an untreated mattress. We can accommodate that preference with a doctor’s prescription. If you find other companies claiming to offer organic or all natural mattresses without a flame retardant, please inquire as to how they are meeting CFR1633 requirements.

Can I get a mattress without a flame retardant?
While Boric acid is undetectable to most people, some people may prefer an untreated mattress. We can accommodate that preference with a doctor’s prescription. A doctor’s prescription is required for any mattress without wool wrap that has not been treated with a flame retardant. This procedure is the result of federal law CFR1633, which was enacted on 7/1/2007 and mandates that all mattress manufacturers use a flame retardant. If you find other companies claiming to offer organic or all natural mattresses without a flame retardant, please inquire as to how they are meeting CFR1633 requirements.

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Do you recycle mattresses?
At this time, we do not offer a mattress recycling service.

Do you re-stuff futon mattresses?
Unfortunately, we do not re-stuff futon mattresses.

Do you offer delivery?
We can arrange delivery and/or set up for any products we carry. In most cases, delivery can be arranged within 48 hours. There is a fee for delivery. A quote can be provided at the time of purchase.

Will my merchandise require assembly?
Most items require some assembly unless the product specifically states fully assembly. Your purchase comes with all parts including the required hardware – tools, screws, nuts and bolts – packaged securely in small bags and boxed with easy-to-follow assembly instructions. We can arrange for assembly of your purchase at the time of delivery for an additional fee.

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What is the cancellation policy for special orders?
All custom orders must be cancelled within 24 hours. No refund will be given for any custom orders cancelled after 24 hours.

What if my item is damaged?
If your item is damaged, we will repair or replace at our discretion the damaged or defective part. For additional information, please see our Damaged or Defective Policy.

What is your return policy?
You may return any unused and unopened item in its original packaging within 7 days. Mattresses that have been used cannot be returned. For more information, please see our Return Policy.

Do you offer a warranty on your products?
Futon Factory carries products by a variety of manufacturer’s and so the warranty will depend on the item you purchased. Epoch Design offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturer’s Defects. For more information on Futon Frame and Mattress Warranties, please see our Warranty.

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